Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about warranties

In general, you can send questions to us via e-mail at
Alternatively, you can contact us by telephone on +46 31 27 70 40. Remember that if you e-mail us, you can avoid waiting on hold, and we will normally answer your question within 1 hour.

In the warranty statement that the car owner has received from us, it states clearly which components are covered by the warranty for the car in question. Once we have received a completed claim submission from the workshop, our knowledgeable claims managers make a decision and notify you of this via e-mail.

If the claim is covered by our warranty conditions, we cover the cost of troubleshooting for the vehicle. If the claim is not covered by our warranty conditions, the cost of troubleshooting is covered by the owner.

Claims can be made easily by the workshop on our website Just log in to “My account” (either on the homepage or under Retailers) and fill in the claims form.

We aim to reply within a maximum of 1 hour, often even quicker!

The easiest and quickest way is for the workshop to order parts via their current channels. When it comes to used/renovated components, at Fragus we may have good purchasing channels and therefore we always communicate with the workshop in cases where used/restored components may be relevant.

Normally, we would like replaced parts to be saved for three months before they are given up.

A used vehicle will mostly be repaired with new parts. However, in the case of bigger/more expensive components, such as gearboxes, motors, etc., we will often replace the defective component with an equivalent used or restored component due to environmental considerations. In these cases, the replacement component will always be in better condition/have lower mileage than the original component before the damage/defect occurred.

Rental/courtesy vehicles are not covered by the warranty. However, we always aim to achieve a fast and efficient collaboration with the workshop so that the car owner has their car repaired as quickly as possible.

If breakdown recovery is covered by the warranty, we will reimburse the deductible charged by the insurance company for towing your car on the condition that your claim is approved by us.

We will send a claim response to the workshop, which will contain all the information needed for invoicing.

If the claim is covered by the warranty, we will pay for the work and any necessary parts. If the claim is not covered by the warranty, the work will be paid for by the car owner.

The invoice must include a 25% VAT charge.

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