Frequently asked questions about our warranties

You can find exactly what your warranty covers in the conditions of your warranty statement. The warranty covers any defects in the components that are included in your warranty. You can also log in to “My account” and see what your warranty covers and how long it is valid.


Defects or damage that are caused by, for example, wear and tear, high oil consumption or various chains or components that deviate from the vehicle’s standard design are not covered by the warranty see exemptions in the conditions.

The warranty does not cover any defects that are present when the car is delivered to you nor troubleshooting of defects that are not covered by the warranty.

After you receive the vehicle, you are responsible for ensuring that it is maintained and serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions throughout the entire warranty period. Car servicing is crucial for the vehicle’s longevity. For the warranty to apply, it is your responsibility as the owner to maintain your car according to the manufacturer’s instructions. See your car’s service book for more information.

Excerpt from the warranty conditions:
“In order for the warranty to apply, the vehicle must be maintained and serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions throughout the entire warranty period. During the warranty period, service and any warranty repairs shall be performed by the selling company or by a workshop designated by this company. All maintenance work must be performed professionally and without exception documented in the vehicle’s original service book, which must be able to be presented to us upon request in the event of damage or a defect.”

Upon delivery, the vehicle shall be tested and have services performed according to plan and without any damage to the components covered by the warranty. When you purchase your new car, your sales representative will help you to decide on the warranty/warranties that suit your choice of vehicle. 

The warranty applies in all EU and EEA countries, as well as in Switzerland.

Yes, you can transfer your warranty so that it follows the car if you sell it privately (but not if you sell it to a company). You can easily organise a warranty transfer on “My account”.

Depending on the car/model and age, it may be possible to extend your warranty. Contact us and we will help you. 

If you want to make a claim, contact us on 031-27 70 40 and we will refer you to an authorised workshop in your local area or to the dealership you purchased your vehicle from. Naturally, you can also contact the dealership you purchased your vehicle from yourself and ask them to contact us.

Claims are submitted by your chosen workshop on our website 

Once the workshop has submitted a claim on your behalf, it is processed and evaluated by our skilled claims managers according to your warranty conditions.

Normally, the workshop will receive a written response via e-mail within an hour from our claims managers, informing it of whether the claim has been approved. The workshop will then notify you immediately. If the claim is approved, you can then arrange for the repairs to be performed at the workshop.

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