We are now uniting all our companies under a new brand name.

We are now uniting all our companies under a new brand name.

You might know us as the leading supplier of vehicle warranties in the Nordic region.

AB Svensk Bilgaranti was founded in Sweden in 1999. Today, we operate throughout the entire Nordic region. With our continued significant growth and an increasingly uniform offer across various markets, we see many coordination benefits to uniting under a single brand name. Therefore, all companies in the group – AB Svensk Bilgaranti, AS Norsk Bilgaranti, Fragus Warranty Finland Oy, Fragus Danmark AS and Fragus Communication AB – are changing their name to Fragus Group.

Today, we are so much more than just warranties

Fragus’ operations are currently divided into three commercial areas.

JustGO – contract and subscription management
Our new web-based marketing platform – JustGO – provides vehicle dealerships and workshops with unique opportunities for efficient contract management, easy conversion of various services into ongoing subscriptions, and regular cashflows at no initial investment cost! Watch our film on how JustGO can help you to both increase your profitability and reduce your costs. www.fragus.com/gosafe

InfoGO – online vehicle registration services
Fragus has also been approved by the Swedish Transport Agency as an information provider, and we provide access to all online vehicle registration database services via InfoGO. See all our new functions at www.fragus.com/infogo

GOSafe – makes car ownership easier and safer
After more than 20 years as the leading supplier of warranties to the Nordic automotive industry, we know how to satisfy both our retailers and their customers. Our current and new warranties are now changing their names to Fragus GOSafe. www.fragus.com/garantier

We remain focused on your customers’ needs

We specialise in offering value-creating services and products to the automotive industry by anticipating, simplifying and safeguarding functional and financial benefits for our partners and their customers.